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The H.E.R.O Magic Show

The Be A H.E.R.O Magic Show

Award-winning Comedy Magician, Magic Jake, is back in 2020 with his brand kids show for primary schools,

'Be A H.E.R.O Magic Show'

This show is so much more than a magic show, it's an educational & motivational experience that encourages students to believe in themselves, follow their dreams and not to be discouraged by what other people say or think.


The 45-minute show identifies different types of bullying children might encounter, examines the effect bullying has on others and explores ways of dealing with bullying to make bullying disappear!

This show explores 3 main themes:

1) What Is Bullying

2) The Impact Of Bullying

3) How To Make Bullying Disappear

Why use Magic to deliver these Messages?

Our goal is to deliver these messages in a fun, engaging, entertaining and interactive way to the students, Jake uses his magic show as a vehicle to do just that.


Magic is a great way to challenge what people believe to be achievable, making even the impossible, seem possible. 

This allows the magic and motivational messages to work together seamlessly.

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